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Omarian Atman Legacy of Light

Omarian Atman Legacy of Light

50% Off Birthday readings when scheduled in advanced with and choice of a Legacy Astrology Reading.

"I personally would like to thank you for being open to finding the right tools to assist you in transforming your life in a more optimal way that works for you. All of us here and I, hope you enjoy the wonderful and magical discovery of you with us."

                                           ~Omarian Atman


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Taurus Eternal

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50% off all services for Taurus born

members born between April 20 - May 20

The offer begins on April 20 - May 20 and ends on April 19 2021 at 11:45

pm mountain standard time. Booking must be within birth month.


Kurt E.

Marian del Ray CA

Accu Light Wellness:


Quit Smoking


"I don't know what to say. I had a nicotine addiction for over 20 years and began to see it as just part of my life. So when it was mentioned to me that working with Omarian's Acu Light techniques would rid me of the craving, I was...

Saj P.

London UK

Legacy Astrology


"I have been using secret astrology services for many years as a tool to better navigate my own life. To unravel hidden obstacles and find the solutions to them, as well as increase my own good fortune..

Samantha D.

Washington D.C.

Legacy Effect


"Hi and hello from Washington DC. I wanted to make sure that my results with my health lasted so I waited for two months before writing this...

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to a new world of customized health solutions for you, your world, and the ones

you love."


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W h i l e  You


Sound and Light

is the new Health

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